When is a statement clear and unambiguous for the purposes of equitable estoppel?

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In Kim v Chasewood Park Residents Ltd ([2013] EWCA Civ 239, CA (Eng)) K was one of the flat owners at an estate called Chasewood Park (holding under the terms of a 125 year lease). The reversion (a much longer lease) came up for sale. Chasewood Park Residents Ltd was set up by the Residents’ Association to acquire the reversion. On 24th August 2006, the committee of the Residents’ Association sent out a circular letter to residents inviting them to contribute to the cost of acquisition. The letter summarised the benefits of the scheme and these were said to include the fact that those who participated would no longer need to pay the ground rent (then GBP100 annually) and that the 125 year terms could be extended to much longer terms at minimal extra cost.

K, believing that Chasewood Park would acquire the freehold and that a commonhold scheme would…

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Meanings And Feelings

They came like definitions from a dictionary, with added special feelings. The ones that make you glow and glitter inside. They seep through time and effort, success and failure, and it takes one’s conscious mind to appreciate them. Just like an ordinary number picked from the millions and made special to my whole world. The tiniest and insignificant objects, conversations and moments seem to be magnified. Any reminder of them invokes a prick in the heart and a flare in the mind.  How I wish to detach these meanings and feelings from all of them.

The Project Runaway

Before the sunrise, she is already on her way. She makes her way down to the basement car park. Without wasting anytime, she dumps her backpack into the car, brings the engine to life and spins her way out of the car park.

She speeds on, not stopping for the red lights on the empty streets. She takes a quick stop at the convenient store for some food supply and she is off again.

The roads are dark and her windscreen dusty, making it hard to see. It is a straight road all the way to the bridge. She could see the dotted streetlights of the bridge getting nearer. She keeps right towards the elevated highway. Excitement grasps her when she realises that she was about to cross the bridge and away from the island.

She increases speed.

She takes a left turn into the train station. She parks her car, retrieves her stuff and makes her way up to the platform.

She takes note of theTV screen for her train. It shows Train 1 · 8.00am · Platform 1.

She checks her watch, 7.30am. She waits with the crowd for the gate to be open.20150830_073440

The train conductor finally opens the gate at 7.40am.


She boards the R6 coach as stated on her ticket and found her seat at 8D. Window seat, her favourite.

The train departs sharp at 8.00am. So her journey southbound begins . . .



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The Listener

I wish for a good listener
To talk to
When time can’t be reversed
All you can do is talk about time

A time when I made a different wish
A time when I was curious
A time when I don’t need a reason to smile
A time when all was fun and simple
A time when I was contented
A time when I looked forward instead of wishing for the past
A time when I did not know I have so much tears to shed

I wish for a good listener