Knowing her

She writes about anything around her, things that she likes and poems that come with a sudden inspiration.

She likes to read (mostly fiction) and is easily influenced by the writing. How so? The writing style of the author of a particular book gives inspiration to her own writing, most of the time.

She specializes in writing casual or freestyle poems.

She likes to cook as well as bake, and eat (definitely)!

She can, however, be quite blur at times. For instance, she has just found out how to create this page after posting more than 70 posts. She has always wondered why her blog lacks this page and does not appear on its own for her to write in. It always only has “Home”!

She also wonders why the “Categories” section and everything else do not appear on the main page!

I guess she is just too lazy to explore WordPress and I insist that her work on it!

Often words of inspiration come at various occasions: lying on the bed at night, in the shower, listening to a song, watching a movie and definitely reading a book.

They too come at weird moments: staring up at the sky, looking at passing cars, talking to someone, in the middle of a conversation or even sitting in the toilet trying to poop!

These sudden inspired words or sentences are very precious and it is very important to ink them down as immediately as you can before they slips away.

She tries her best to either ink them down or put it in her electronic device every time she gets hit by some fancy ideas, but she is just too lazy most of the times. She temporarily stores them in her head and ink them whenever she has the time and mood for it.

Anyways, what is your habit of noting your sudden inspired ideas?

Thanks for dropping by!

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