Nothing, nothing

Like always the sun shines I feel no heat Like always the rain pours I feel no droplet Like always the wind whistles I feel no breeze Like always your touch does not reach me Like always my words to you are less than a whisper As I get slimmer and slimmer Thinner and thinner […]

Keeping it going

It takes a while to get started at writing/blogging. Getting started is one thing, keeping it going is another. I have had this blog for so long and also had abandoned it so many times. But not this time. I have finally reached my 100th post! And I will continue to write. Writing comes easier […]

New words into sentences

I am a competent user of the language English, however, the learning process does not stop. Here are a few words that I stumbled upon while reading random articles on Wikipedia. These words are either unknown to me or I rarely use them. Therefore, I’ve put these words into sentences, then sentences to a short poem? – […]