The Assumptions

He touches my heart So close, so familiar, so warm So familiar The bloom is always the best The days that follow Increased by distance His grip loosens The cold takes over Even the warmest breeze freezes Then next comes pretence A way to not hurt and be hurt All that is already played out […]

Empty peacefulness

Since I turned off my feelings for you, the inspiration has fled. I write no more about you, I write no more to you. The words cease as the feelings fade. I’m afraid to feel again, because the more I feel, the more it hurts. I thought my heart was strong enough, but it is […]

Just Smile

My hands, Like the white, Empty. My heart, Like the stars, Scattered. 5AM, Sweating and feeling cold at the same time. Thoughts, Drifting away in the middle of a conversation. Eyes, Not really seeing what’s in front. Ears, Not hearing what is heard. I’m listening to songs, That has all the wrong words. I’m trying […]