Encore of a country’s outrage

So here are some of the aftermaths of the Sharifah-insulting-Bawani case. SW1M chief drowning in public scorn ‘Listen, listen, listen’ woman in hiding due to blackmail, NGO claims 85-Day Countdown to 13GE: Najib – Listen, Listen, Listen! [搞笑] Listen 姐又有新歌了 😀 Photo of cats with problems Respon Terhadap Isu “Listen” On Facebook, ‘listen, listen, listen’ […]

A country’s outrage

This is a video of a forum with the topic “Seiringkah mahasiswa dan politik?’ (Are graduates and politics aligned?). The MC is Sharifah Zohra Jabeen and the student is Bawani. The MC, also the president of University Utara Malaysia (UUM),attacked the student with insults and even more insults. Claiming to be an adult and demanding […]