Unsaid Words

I regret the time that I did not tell you what I should
I wish I hadn’t hesitated to tell you how I feel
When the moment is passed, it will not return
I am bad with words
I am slow with my thoughts

Your text to me every night has become my normal
I feel unsettled and jumpy every time I do not get a reply from you
All the used to bes are now blurry memories
They are all that I wish would remain

I don’t want to be something or someone you will have to deal with
I want things to be simple
But they often turn out complicated
Once trapped, it is hard to untangle

I want to talk to you so very much
But the words that came out are not the ones that I want to tell you
I’m losing myself once again
I care too much

These are the things I wanted to tell you

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