My Memory And Me

My memory is collapsing around me, I can’t even remember what I was thinking two seconds ago. I have to write it down instantaneously or do it immediately so not to lose the idea for a long time or forever.

My memory used to be quite good, but as days pass by one at a time, taking time and breath out of my short life, my memory is being taken away bit by bit as well. (I am barely a quarter of century!)

Sometimes, I would reminisce on my university days, how much I miss my friends and the life with them. The things that give aids to these memories are of external: music, photos, smell, words and many others.

Even the sky would remind me of the days where I have shared and stared the many beautiful and breathtaking skies with my friends.

There may be a possibility that one day I might not remember anything at all. I would not remember my family or my friends. I may lose my past, but I will not lose myself. I will still be me.

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