Our Story

Our meeting

My premature fall
My green youth swept away
Along with the wind I drifted

I landed
Right in your path of colourful blocks
You stopped
And picked me up


You admired
My texture
You awed
At my beauty

You decided
To keep me
You opened your favourite maths book
And made me your favourite bookmark

Each Other

You studied
At the library
Till late night
I stayed by your side

You got sleepy
You flipped to page 2009
I smiled at you
And you smiled back

Can’t Be Without

I waited patiently
While you’re out at work
You made sure to remember
To check on me when you returned

I willed the breeze
To turn the page
Until I see your smile again
I would smile too


You’re the first one
You’re the last one
You’re the only one
I’ve smiled upon

I woke up to you
You woke up to me
I was yours
You were mine


Jokes about our first fight
And fights to come
Cruised through
And forgotten

Caught by the beauty
Of a butterfly
I strayed,

The War

The end began
I returned
Stained by the sun

But you took me back
Though dyed
You tried to smile at me

Roller Coaster Ride

What was done
Cannot be undone
I continued to age
Slowly losing my beauty

I changed
You changed
We changed
It was a rough ride

Winter Woes

Our page was less visited
We hardly smiled at each other
Screams went unheard
Silence roared

Spring came and left
Fall slipped in
We withered
As the cold enveloped


Your words
Your actions
Your silence
You released me

I couldn’t make it
I couldn’t take it
But I am thankful
I am grateful


We are strangers
Your words
Your silence
Still battling in my mind

I smiled my last
Into pieces
I let you go

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