Friends and family

There are times when you feel really down, and you can’t stop crying. All the negative thoughts have somehow managed to gather stubbornly in your head, there is no way of getting rid of them. You want to talk to someone about it but you do not have anyone you are comfortable enough to pour your heart out and shed tears in front of. So you lock yourself in your room, like how your mind is a prison to those negative thoughts.

You turn to the various social media, hoping that someone would care enough to notice. Fortunately, I still have some friends and family who care. They talked to me through text, no facial or verbal interaction is required, much to my relief. Their words of encouragement are sufficient to move me and make me cry more. Tears of gratitude and appreciation. A form of release. Warmth.

I felt thankful. I cried until my eyes were puffy and I had a nose block. Then I went to bed feeling better and warm inside.

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