My 3-month friend, becoming a nun

She is so pretty, so young and has a loud and contagious laughter. Not to forget her smile. Today is her last day at work, tomorrow she is going off to Bentong, Pahang, to be a nun. Only 27 years old, an architect graduate, she is going to give up everything – her parents and siblings, her name, her job, her current life, her friends, her rights to be in possession of anything, and to shave her head and be a nun. I have the privilege to be her friend,  a merely 3-month period, I would complain that it was too short a time, I was barely starting to get to know her better. However, it is better than not getting to know her at all. I would not have the chance to take her for granted like we all do with our friends. Not to say that I would but it is definitely a loss – losing a friend. It is not every day you have a friend who decides to shave his or her head and be a monk or a nun. I will miss her dearly and even be sad about her leaving for a while, but I will never forget this friend whom I have known only for 3 months, because once a friend, always a friend in my heart. Her name is Tan Siao Yen.

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