Bus 206: Ezelina

Before getting off the bus, she shouted to me her name.


I wasn’t sure if I heard it correctly but it sounded like that. She was a sweet and curious native Sabahan. Being in Penang for the first time, probably also her first place in the whole of Peninsula, she saw everything here in a different kind of light.

She was awed by the tallest building on the Penang Island and could not stop gazing at it.

“That’s Komtar”, I told her when she asked.

I even ridiculed at her wonderment before I knew about her background.

She was especially fascinated by the old buildings. One of which was really old and the paint had came off, leaving black stains on the once white building, had jolted her.

“Was it burnt?!” she asked in horror. That gave me a little laugh as I assured her that it was not.

The bus then took a turn onto Jalan P. Ramlee, a road named after a famous local singer and actor, where his house is also located on this road.

“How do you say ‘peminat’ in English?” she asked.

“A fan”, I told her.

“I am a big fan of P. Ramlee”, she said with a smile.

Her cherry and child-like curiosity attitude can light up your heart and put a smile on your face even on a gloomy rainy day.

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