A letter to myself

So I’ve finally watched Before Midnight, there is this last part where Jesse tried to make up with Celine after a huge argument at the hotel. They were at a cafe. Jesse took a piece of serviette from the table and pretended to read from the imaginary words on it. He told her that he came to here in a time machine sent by Celine’s 80-year-old self.

In another series, New Girl, Season 1, around episode 23, where Nick got back with his ex-girlfriend, Caroline. His roommates were totally against it and forced Nick to watch a video of himself after the breakup with Caroline months ago. He looked horrible in the video, a drunkard at that time. Nick taped it to as a reminder for himself – the reason he broke up with Caroline and how that had turned him into a terrible state.

From these two instances, however reversed, I thought it is a really good idea to write a letter to your future self. It would definitely be great if I could receive a letter from my old self like in Before Midnight, too bad it is impossible. So I will do what I can.

The idea is to write a letter, or letters to my future self, for my 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and even 70s (if I manage to live till then). Letters that capture the best moments and the worst moments of my current life. Then in my older years, I will take it out whenever to read them. So I could think back and say, hey, I had this great moment with this person or hey, I survived through this trying period!

In essence, it is just like writing a diary and reading it in a much later date.

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