Bus 11: The 80-year-old salesman

It was already dark, around 7.30pm. We had just escaped from the terrible traffic jam. The road was still wet from the rain. The bus driver stop outside Lam Wah Ee Hospital, just before the last stop, which is also my stop. He went to take a toilet break and asked us to wait for a while.

There was only me and another passenger on board. The old man asked me if I would be going down at the next stop and I said yes. We chatted for a little bit while waiting for the bus driver to return. I discovered that he is not only 80 years old, but he is still working! He told me he works as a salesperson at a jewellery shop selling gold, white gold, diamond and other jewelry. He has been working there since 1964, until now! No plans on retiring. He is still very fit and healthy. He would go for walks as early as 5 in the morning.

I told him that I was currently staying with my aunt and he asked me to bring her to the shop if we ever want to buy any jewellery. I smiled and told him I would visit if I had the time.

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