It is a love-hate relationship with money

Who doesn’t love money, well if you do not love it, you at least need it.

Having a lot of money is indeed convenient. However, if you not wealthy financially, you can only be contented with what you already have or what you can afford. Otherwise, it is a battle. How long? It depends a lot on your luck and capability.

For example, I want to enrol myself for the Grand Diplôme‏ in Le Cordon Bleu and it costs £41,700 for the entire program. One of the conditions to be accepted is that you have to make the full payment 8 weeks before the commencement of the program.

So, if you are able to afford it, that’s great. But for those who cannot, it would be a shattered dream, wouldn’t it? It is not like a walk in H&M or Topshop or any other boutiques where you can pay for a clothe or clothes that you fancy.

It is certainly one of the many reasons to hate money.

There are many things that revolve around money, of course family is very important, so is one’s health. But when it comes to a lot of things you face in your daily life, money is involved.

It is the degree of prestige one is entitled to. If you cannot afford to study in Le Cordon Bleu, your next best option would be a cheaper school. If you cannot afford a coat in Massimo Dutti, you can always go to Nichi or MNG.

However, some must go for the best, obtain the best and be the best. So it is a constant battle until they get the best.

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