The dining table

We used to cramp together at a small dining table, seven of us, to have dinner every night. It was crowded and noisy. Then, we moved to a bigger house, I was eight. Naturally, a bigger dining table set was bought. It was a wooden square table, with two chairs on every side. We sat more comfortably, no more squeezing or elbow-knocking.

It has been almost 16 years since then, everyone grew up, and out. One by one, we left – either to further our studies or to work. The big dining table seems even bigger now. We have our dinner not at the dining table anymore but at the breakfast table, which is smaller. With only three people left at home, it seems more practical. The dining table is only used when everyone returns home during the holidays or a long weekend.

The table now seems abandoned, dark and quiet.

The small dining table seems more appealing now, where there were noise and lights. Elbow-bumping does not sound so bad at all. At least it was when everyone was together. The warmth and the cosiness that were are not there anymore.

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