Flying with the rice

Flying with the rice

An easy and quick lunch to have. Customised to my own liking and yes it’s awesome to be able to make your own food.

Here’s the few ingredients that were used:

    Small onion
    Curry/Kari leaf

Well, those were the ingredients that I was able to find in the house. I love garlic! So I had a lot of them. Chopping them up, same with a some ginger to spice things up a little and sliced onions.

I sprinkled some rosemary, pepper and salt, and beat it with the egg, scrambled them in the pan and left it aside once golden brown. I threw in the chopped garlic, ginger and sliced onions. Put in the striped carrots and two strips of curry leafs for the aroma. Once they are slightly burnt and you can smell the fragrant, pour in the rice, add some sesame oil, pepper and salt, and mix them well. The scrambled eggs go back in for the final mix and lunch is ready!

It takes only about 15 minutes. The best part is, you can customise it any way you want!

Have fun
Be creative
Enjoy the meal!

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