Keeping it going

It takes a while to get started at writing/blogging. Getting started is one thing, keeping it going is another.

I have had this blog for so long and also had abandoned it so many times. But not this time. I have finally reached my 100th post! And I will continue to write.

Writing comes easier each day. It is not by force but purely from the heart, soul and mind. Inspired by so many little and big things inside and out, invisible or not. Words do not come easy when you first started, but as you write, they come to you like a rush of a waterfall. Sometimes you do not even have the time to catch them from the abstract and mold them into a form. Sometimes, all you need is a picture as a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here are a few questions to help you get started:

  • Why do you write?
  • Do you write to impress?
  • Do you write to express?
  • Do you write to influence?
  • Do you write to educate?
  • Do you write to inform?
  • Who do you write for?

I write, mostly for myself. You are your own reader. You are an important reader who decides whether what you produce is worth reading before you put it out for the rest of the world to see. Sometimes, what others think do not matter if you are writing to yourself. Just put your heart out there and see what you get. ; )

There is so many things to write about, to share, and to have opinions on. One thing is certain, you get to experience the beauty of writing.

Keep calm and keep writing!

2 thoughts on “Keeping it going

  1. lovely advice. I have always written what i want to. it always comes from within, which is why sometimes it is happy and many times it is dark. I have my moments of goofiness – which usually comes from a conversation i have had with someone or a silly comment i have made. xx

  2. thanks! it is definitely a way to express yourself, at the same time, to know a person’s heart ; )

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