Empty peacefulness

Since I turned off my feelings for you,
the inspiration has fled.

I write no more about you,
I write no more to you.

The words cease
as the feelings fade.

I’m afraid to feel again,
because the more I feel,
the more it hurts.

I thought my heart was strong enough,
but it is as fragile as a new born child.

Closing my heart for you,
has made me realised,
that everything I wrote,
I wrote for you.

But no more.

These feelings,

These feelings,
I beg to be forgotten.

These feelings,
I want no more.

No more.

An empty peacefulness is all I feel now.

I would have chosen otherwise,
if I could.


2 thoughts on “Empty peacefulness

  1. i can understand this completely. some of what i write is for him – but such a small part. i have words for others in my life, who are still here:)

  2. I would very much like to have that too, to write for others. Thanks for reading and for your insights, I really appreciate them xoxo

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