Future electrical appliances!

I accompanied my parents to shop for a new cooker hood the other day. I thought it would be really boring at first since I don’t have any need for these things yet. But it was quite fun. Here are a few items that caught my attention and I would like to have some of them when I have a house of my own in the future! That would be so cool!

This fridge! Instead of black, I would really prefer it in bright yellow. It will make me feel so happy, because it will just brighten up everything! It’s about the same height as me, and it’s not those complicated modern fridges. It has only one door with a handle! It does not confuse anyone! Some fridge doors do not have a handle, and sometimes it’s hard to know which side it is because both sides look the same! Okay, I like this fridge a lot. : p

             20130603_124616       20130603_124555

Don’t you think that this stove oven combination is just so cute! There is one like this at  my grandma’s house, with a cover for the stove, except that it is bigger. If I have a tiny kitchen, I would opt for something like this, so old-fashioned and it feels so cozy! : D


This stand fan reminds me so much of a character in Star Wars (one of my favourite movies). It is no other than C-3PO! Why? Because it is golden in colour! And thin! And gold! Haha, okay I should stop, you must think I’m insane. P.S. I loveeee R2D2!


I also saw some mixers for baking but didn’t manage to take any pictures. They are all over a thousand Ringgit, so expensive : \ I’m going to have to earn more money to get one. Here is a mixer that I saw and it must be in red because I like it that way! It looks so powerful and solid!

The more we saw, the more we wanted to buy! It is crazy!

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