The voice

She takes a deep breath, then plunges. With one goal in mind, she is determined. She pushes upwards with her well-conserved energy through the blinding golden stream of light.

Several minutes have passed and it seems like she is nowhere near her goal. However, she has expected it would not be easy.

Out of the corner of her eye, she sees a silhouette with a reddish glow. Excitement grips her as she quickly changes her course towards it.

One thing she fails to notice is the radar that she wears on her wrist is pointing at the opposite directly. Completely oblivious to what she might find, she continues her path towards the glowing silhouette.

As she gains proximity on the object, a sudden pressure is applied to her lower limb, exactly at a pressure point. She screams and is forced to a halt as the pain is excruciating.

She checks her surroundings, nothing but emptiness envelops her. The pain is now gone. It is probably a mind trick played by the creatures of the Empty, she tries to convince herself.

Ignoring the weird incident, she returns to the direction of the strange object. The reddish object begins to shimmer and fade out. Then it disappears completely. Panic clenches her chest.

It is just an illusion.

She is losing time as well as her energy. There creatures of the Empty are trying to distract her. She curses and checks her radar. She curses again.

The radar shows that she has gone off course by approximately 26 metres. She heads east and accelerates to where her device indicates.

The further she explores, the darker it gets. The golden stream of light has gradually dimmed. Breathing has also become more and more laboured.

After what feels like eternal, she finally senses her goal. She feels the vibration of it on her fingertips, even in  her heart. She increases her speed, unwilling to lose the one thing that she has been seeking for the longest time.

This time, it is a bright red object that beats with the rhythm of her heartbeat, not just a reddish glow of a silhouette like the previous mirage.

She dives at it.

Only a few inches away from  it, she grabs it. Astonished and bewildered, her hand goes right through it! She is ever so sure that it is genuine. Her heart will not betray her.

She attempts many times to get hold of it, but to no avail. Confusion, dismay and dread crushes down on her. Her vision starts to fail her and her life force is greatly depleted.

She begins to fall.

The darkness is once again replaced by the golden stream of light. A tear falls as she closes her eyes and vanishes into the light.

The voice of his heart is forever lost to her.


This is my first ever completed short story. It is purely fiction and very abstract. I let my imagination run freely as I hope yours would. I hope you enjoyed reading it!

2 thoughts on “The voice

  1. Thank you so much for reading and understanding, it means a lot to me ❤ You must have gone through a great deal too : (

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