My heart

  • As thick as a fog up in the mount Everest, you can’t see my heart, what more guessing the feelings that I have for you. Doubt is the first thing that breaks everything else. I believed in us that one day, one day will be the day, finally closing on the distance that cannot be reduced to nothingless. Even if our skins were touching, we can never be close enough as our hearts want to be. If only I could mold or melt myself into you, becoming one and whole at last. But do you trust me anymore? Will the past that can never be erased guide the doubt back into your heart? How I wish it could be forgotten, like air that was once inhaled. I can only hold you dear in my heart but not my arms for now. I’m releasing us from this fantasy in our mind. However, my words still hold, “I really hope that one day we could meet, and by then we belong to no one and still have feelings for each other”.

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