Some colour for the tummy

Some colour for the tummy

Here is a simple dish that I made today. It’s very easy and appetizing! It’s a mixture of meat, onion and some bell peppers (capsicum annuum).

Slice the meat (I used pork for this dish) and marinate it with pepper and salt/soy sauce. Then, cut out a section of the bell peppers (I used green and red) and dice them. Finally slice a big onion.

After all the ingredients are ready, you’re good to go! Heat up the wok/pan with a little bit of oil, just enough to fry the onions and bell peppers (you don’t need too much oil because the meat itself has natural oil). I also added some chopped garlics to give it a slight fragrance.

While frying the garlic, onion and bell peppers, you can grind some black pepper onto them (add more you like it spicy). Once they are slightly burnt, throw in the meat and let it cook (I grinded more black pepper onto the meat). Sprinkle a pinch of salt or some soy sauce, add some water and mix them up.

Once boiled, it’s ready to be served! (best served with rice)

Have fun!

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