A prison called “work”

It has been almost three weeks since I have escaped the prison called work. No longer living within the clutches of meetings, stress and OT. Getting in is not easy, but getting out may seem harder.

Some people may have reached the comfort stage of their job and would find it difficult to release themselves to the outside world – well beyond the comfort zone that was constructed unconsciously throughout the years. I’ve only been at my previous job for one year and five months, and I was already feeling the cushion.

You will definitely ponder on what might and what will happen after you handed in the letter of resignation. It may be surreal at first, at least for me, then reality hits you. All the opportunities and all the life that should be and could be lived.

Of course, this kind of thinking is for someone like me; someone who does not have any sort of commitment, often on the wild side and does not want to be rooted yet.

Living too long in the world of idle is no good for the heart and mind though. I wish for a travel buddy.

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