New words into sentences

I am a competent user of the language English, however, the learning process does not stop. Here are a few words that I stumbled upon while reading random articles on Wikipedia. These words are either unknown to me or I rarely use them. Therefore, I’ve put these words into sentences, then sentences to a short poem? – […]

Some colour for the tummy

Here is a simple dish that I made today. It’s very easy and appetizing! It’s a mixture of meat, onion and some bell peppers (capsicum annuum). Slice the meat (I used pork for this dish) and marinate it with pepper and salt/soy sauce. Then, cut out a section of the bell peppers (I used green […]

The battle of Youkai!

Lovers of manga! For those who like actions, battles of the supernatural and a tiny bit of romance, here is a recommendation for you! ぬらりひょんの孫 (Nurarihyon no Mago) There are all together 210 chapters for the manga while the anime is out till the 2nd season. Hope you’ll enjoy the battles!

Just Smile

My hands, Like the white, Empty. My heart, Like the stars, Scattered. 5AM, Sweating and feeling cold at the same time. Thoughts, Drifting away in the middle of a conversation. Eyes, Not really seeing what’s in front. Ears, Not hearing what is heard. I’m listening to songs, That has all the wrong words. I’m trying […]

A prison called “work”

It has been almost three weeks since I have escaped the prison called work. No longer living within the clutches of meetings, stress and OT. Getting in is not easy, but getting out may seem harder. Some people may have reached the comfort stage of their job and would find it difficult to release themselves […]

Braving the crowd (Singapore)

The first day of March was also the first time that I traveled on my own to Singapore from Johor Bahru (JB)! The meet up point with my brother was at Bugis. I boarded the SBS Transit 170 (you may take 160 too) from JB to Kranji MRT station which cost RM1.70. From there, I […]