Things you do

The things you did but never again,
I miss that.
The things you do but never before,
I hate that.
The words you said were never heard again.
Maybe I am just stupid enough to not see what you were trying to do,
Maybe I have lingered in the past too long.

I want to stop waking up at five in the morning,
Unable to fall back to sleep.
I want to stop thinking,
I want to stop hoping,
Stop expecting,
Stop wishing,
About things that will never again happen.

You brought me so much,
But left me empty in the end,
Like tearing pieces of my heart and feeding it to emptiness.
I’m erasing bits of memory,
That eventually will be forgotten.
I’m tired of trying,
I’m slowly giving up,
Slowly and unnoticeably.


Written on Tuesday, 16 December 2008 at 12:59

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