A country’s outrage

This is a video of a forum with the topic “Seiringkah mahasiswa dan politik?’ (Are graduates and politics aligned?). The MC is Sharifah Zohra Jabeen and the student is Bawani.

The MC, also the president of University Utara Malaysia (UUM),attacked the student with insults and even more insults. Claiming to be an adult and demanding for respect, this lady did not even treat Bawani with any.

Bawani talked about abolishing PTPTN and giving students free education like some other countries. She had her speech in one hand, giving all the statistics and figures about what could have made the country a better environment for students, she was however cut short by Sharifah. It can be seen that Bawani had put in plenty of time and effort in preparing this speech.

If Sharifah had stopped Bawani with a valid and sound argument, the people of Malaysia would not be as mad. But guess what, she started insulting the student and talking about her rights, the difference between human and animals, the different of an age gap between them, and Bawani’s attitude. She did not address the points that Bawani has presented at all. She was either too self-obsessed or had planned to be an infamous.

The president of UUM however did mention that the students in the hall are very happy with what the government is doing for them, and for God’s sake, they agreed! Do they even know what they are getting and what they are not? Do they know what they could have and should have be receiving from the government if they use their brain the slightest?

She then talked about her support of human rights, and this is what she said “And it’s my right today, and all these people’s right to speak of my right.” Who are you to decide for so many people? The most foul-sounding statement a person in the educational line can produce was, “Whatever you say, you are still in UUM, (I) respect you by all means, you are still here. If you’re not happy, you are very much suitable to go to another university.” Is this how a president of a university should behave? I trust that Bawani can do better anywhere else and would be welcomed by so many other universities with open arms. Bawani did not lose anything but has gained the entire country’s support, some even from other countries.

She then dismissed Peter (one of the lecturers), like how she did with Bawani by discarding him of his right to speak while she bragged about hers and ended the speech by asking the audience if they wanted the free Samsung Galaxy. This is how ignorant and disrespectful she is.

Sharifah has not only brought shame to the university but also to the country.


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