A successful bus ride

It was such a relief stepping into the so familiar shopping mall. Let me start from the beginning of how can a bus ride be so exciting (at least for me).

It was my first time taking the bus from my work place to Mid Valley to meet some friends because it would be ridiculous to take the KTM. So I Googled the correct bus to take. At 6.30pm, right after our weekly team meeting, a colleague rushed me off to the bus stop. While we were nearing the bus stop next Subang Carrefour, I spotted U76 – the bus that I should get on, it had already arrived. He put on the hazard lights and I ran across the road.

When I got to the bus, I was told that this bus would only depart at 7.30pm. It was barely 7pm. The bus driver said that I should have gone to the bus stop opposite instead, the one right outside Subang Parade -.-

I got onto the bus anyway since I was too lazy to cross the road again. The bus driver asked to not tag my TouchnGo yet.

7.30pm, the bus left right on the dot.

The bus was immediately filled with foreign passengers on the first stop (the one that I was supposed to wait at). I was so nervous throughout the whole ride as I didn’t know when to get off the bus. I even texted my colleague “bus moving! bus moving! so excited! so many ppl! I don’t know when to get off!”

I was so scared of getting onto the wrong bus, and being taken to somewhere that I don’t know.

As the passengers on board dwindled, I got more and more anxious. I even asked the bus driver whether I have arrived at my stop. He told me to when to get off and even did not ask me to pay, such a nice driver!

I followed two guai lous into the mall from the bus stop as I didn’t know the correct route (so fail). Anyways, I arrived safely! What a success!

Here are the details on the bus route just in case it’s your first time as well:

Origin: Subang

Destination: Mid Valley Mall

Bus: RapidKL U76

Duration: 35-40 minutes

Cost: MYR2.50


Bus route from Subang Parade to Mid Valley

Taken from: http://jp.myrapid.com.my/#from=1758&to=2812&prefer=bus

Hope it helps!

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