Smack in the middle

Now I understand the curse of being a middle child. You can’t help but have the feeling of being neglected even though you were told otherwise, and the feeling of loneliness even though you’re surrounded by your family members. Also you’ll feel that you’ve been left out even though you’re in a conversation or an […]

Things you do

The things you did but never again, I miss that. The things you do but never before, I hate that. The words you said were never heard again. Maybe I am just stupid enough to not see what you were trying to do, Maybe I have lingered in the past too long. I want to […]

Encore of a country’s outrage

So here are some of the aftermaths of the Sharifah-insulting-Bawani case. SW1M chief drowning in public scorn ‘Listen, listen, listen’ woman in hiding due to blackmail, NGO claims 85-Day Countdown to 13GE: Najib – Listen, Listen, Listen! [搞笑] Listen 姐又有新歌了 😀 Photo of cats with problems Respon Terhadap Isu “Listen” On Facebook, ‘listen, listen, listen’ […]

A country’s outrage

This is a video of a forum with the topic “Seiringkah mahasiswa dan politik?’ (Are graduates and politics aligned?). The MC is Sharifah Zohra Jabeen and the student is Bawani. The MC, also the president of University Utara Malaysia (UUM),attacked the student with insults and even more insults. Claiming to be an adult and demanding […]

So we stood in front of the 3 recycle bins for about 2 minutes, arguing about which bins I should throw the empty plastic cup to. Of course there is a bin for plastic and cans, one for paper and another for rubbish. So what was the hassle? It was such a minute thing that […]